Finding the Best Organization Design Consultant

Finding a qualified consultant can be challenging. When you need professional consulting support for an important project, are you scrambling to find the right fit?


Maybe you trust your gut feeling, rely on word of mouth recommendations, review their website, or invite them to pitch in a “beauty contest”. But even if you identify someone who seems impressive, how do you know if they are all they seem to be?


If you need a consultant to support an organization design project, there is a more objective way to narrow down the search. You can choose a Certified Organization Design Professional (CODP). The CODP designation is for individual practitioners with relevant educational qualifications and a body of recent experience in the field of organization design. To be awarded CODP status, an individual must make a written application with evidence of continuous education and significant recent professional experience. The application is reviewed by a global committee comprising representatives of the 3 major professional associations:


If successful, the consultant is listed in the CODP directory, and must re-apply every three years to retain the designation.


So, if you need to broker organization design expertise, go to the CODP directory where you will find qualified consultants. A very sound approach would be to have a conversation with several before making your decision.


Orgdesign Works’ Jodie Goulden is CODP certified. If you are interested to work with us, email

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