From Little Things Big Things Grow

My work as a Speaker-Coach helps people share their stories, and Raquel Ark’s work is devoted to helping people master the art of listening. Here’s how we combined these two things in a workshop.


In the workshop we guided participants through six experiences of listening and being listened to. This is what happened.


At the start of the workshop, to our surprise, there were more than double the number of participants than we expected. We were near the end of a very inspiring conference and people seemed excited and full of energy. I wondered how we would manage all we had planned without feeling rushed.


But we did manage. I believe it’s because participants gave us complete trust, openness and curiosity.


The quality of the listener impacts the quality of the speaker

The first activity in the workshop was about the power of good listening. A good listener can really help the speaker to communicate their ideas. On reflection, I realized this principle also applied to the workshop. The quality of facilitator and participant listening impacts the quality of the workshop.


Sharing your story creates the story

In the workshop we invited people to listen and share stories with each other. We offered a way of listening and reflecting that enabled stories to change and grow.


For me, it takes some courage to share my stories with others. But when I do, the listener’s response brings my stories to life in a new way. We hope that our workshop helped more ideas and stories to grow.


In the workshop people shared their perspectives on the power of listening. If you are interested in learning more about how listening has an impact in organizations, contact

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