Is Hybrid Working the Future? How to Make it Successful

By Jodie Goulden


If the transition to a more remote way of working feels like a seismic shift, you are not alone. Before the pandemic, only around 50% of companies allowed employees to work from home – now it is more than 99%, according to a Josh Bersin Academy report.


In conversations with our client network, we heard about both success stories and hardship. However, the common challenge is the complexity of navigating a situation that never happened before. Some people wish everyone could be back in the workplace. Others hope that remote working will become the new normal. We have been inspired by leaders who are listening and supportive of employees' diverse needs, but even those leaders do not have answers to the question of how to work effectively in the future.


Some organizations have not only experienced the disruption of shifting to remote work but have also reacted to huge changes in their business models. In this context, effective team performance is crucial, but many teams are still struggling to perform successfully.


How do you move from crisis mode to sustainable performance? There is no one size fits all. The way of working must fit for the work to be done.


At Orgdesign Works, we developed Hybrid Works, a step-by-step approach to help teams design and implement ways of working that fit for their specific circumstances. The process delivers sustainable and healthy high performance for teams and the organization.


How does it work? The first step is to understand that everyone’s personal situation is different.


For example, if your experience is that working from home is very productive, you might believe that working from home should be the “new normal”. But you will discover it is not the best solution for everyone. Everyone in your team is looking at the situation from their own unique perspective.


We will share benchmarks and bring in case studies to spark new thinking. You will discover creative approaches and be inspired by what is possible.


Teams will use our Hybrid Work Canvas to systematically review ways of working. You will identify your most important work scenarios and review how you work in each of them. For example: Are the tasks timebound or open ended? Is the work synchronous or asynchronous? You will discuss what this means for you and brainstorm ideas that will enable you to work most effectively together.


Orgdesign Works will guide you to design the way of working that is right for you. We facilitate workshop sessions that result in you designing your own prototypes and provide guidance for you to scale effective work practices for the whole organization.


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