Orgdesign Works will review your situation to find out what are the real issues and potential solutions. I use a variety of tools and methods, some of which are described in my blog, to get deeper insights about your organization. My approach promotes stakeholder participation because getting thoughtful input from diverse perspectives leads to better solutions.

You can invite me as a speaker to deliver my talk, Leadership Upside Down, about how to lead and succeed in a world of less hierarchy, flatter organizations and shared accountability. I share inspiration and practical methods to transition to a new way of working and facilitate interactive discussion in breakout groups.

Orgdesign Works will share know-how and examples from outside to inspire you. I’m constantly learning about different organization models and approaches, so that I can share with you a variety of practices. However, your organization and situation is unique, so I will help you to design new structures and ways of working that are best for you.

I understand that your leaders and employees already have well-developed behavioural competencies. Orgdesign Works will provide workshops and trainings to help them to activate those behaviours in daily work to support more effective ways of working.

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