You have an idea. Maybe it’s tiny. Maybe it’s huge. Maybe no-one is listening. Maybe you will change the world. If you have the courage to share your idea, speaker-coaching will prepare you to present it. If you are ready to dramatically improve your impact as a speaker, speaker-coaching will help.

If you want to inspire people to take part in change, you need to communicate a vision or an idea.  Communication is successful when your audience acts or thinks differently as a result. When you need to present to your board, pitch an idea, inspire your team, or deliver a TEDx talk, I can help you find your story, shape a convincing message and connect emotionally with your audience.

Jodie was an absolutely wonderful coach and mentor. I had the pleasure of working closely with Jodie for several weeks while preparing my TEDx presentation. In our coaching sessions, Jodie gave fantastic advice and recommendations for my speech and I particularly enjoyed some of the exercises in building my confidence and ability to convey emotion through my talk. I appreciated Jodie’s ability to give honest, constructive feedback and the success of my talk would not have been possible without her help.


Naomi Paxton, TEDx Speaker.

If you are curious about speaker-coaching, contact me at info@orgdesignworks.com