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Today’s leaders increasingly need to adjust their strategy in ‘real time’. This can create mis-alignment throughout their organization, because such rapid or repeated change calls into question the way teams are structured, how roles are defined, how performance and governance is enabled and measured, and whether previously successful behaviours will be right for a new reality.


I’m not the first (and won’t be the last) person to point out that we’ve just been through a dramatic if not seismic period of disruption across pretty much every sector of society and the economy.


We are undergoing regular and repeated ‘shocks’ caused by global pandemic, climate emergency, extreme weather events, protest and political fracture. This has been particularly acute over the last 12 months and it seems any notion of ‘normal’ will be a pipe dream for some time to come.


If you want to learn more, here are some resources and examples to inspire you.

Organization design and more

European Organization Design Forum (EODF)

This is the ultimate expert community in Europe for organization design. Here you will find updates, training and events.

Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

The first book already inspired countless people and organizations to work with purpose, wholeness and self-managing teams. You can buy the original or the shorter illustrated version.

Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet

For those who think “but that won’t work in my organization”, this book describes how a unit of the US Navy moved from command and control to a trust-based organization.

The New Science of Building Great Teams

The secrets of building a great team and how you can achieve it with some organization design changes.

Corporate Rebels

An active and inspiring community that shares a wealth of experience and case studies about designing different ways of working.

Stories from the field

Why Novartis wants to "unboss"

One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies is trying to change their culture with a different type of leadership.

How Bosch reorganized as agile teams

Multinational engineering and technology company Bosch moved from a traditional hierarchical organization to agile teams, eliminating 7 layers of hierarchy.

Agile at ING: HR's pioneering role

A deep dive into the transformation journey at this large bank.

Mindfulness leads to higher profits at SAP

Why a multinational software corporation sees a link between mindfulness and financial performance.

Haier elevation

How the world's largest home appliance manufacturer is organized in empowered, self-managed teams.

The Buurtzorg model

How a healthcare company with over 15,000 employees has an organization model based on purpose and self-management principles.