Creating Diverse Organizations

Many organizations aim to increase diversity and build workplaces where diverse perspectives create value. Sometimes it’s a challenge, because even when people have good intentions, the same habits and biases result in the same patterns of behaviour and nothing changes.


I’m always on the lookout for ways to embed changes into organization processes so that behaviour changes by design, rather than trying to influence individuals to change.


Here are some valuable resources for you about creating diverse organizations with practical tips and solutions that you can really implement.


The Atlassian Blog: 4 ways to build strong, diverse teams in the tech industry

One of my most admired companies, Atlassian, publishes great content on their blog, including this post, which is not just for the tech industry. It covers hiring for diversity, including cognitive diversity, and how to make sure diverse teams are effective.


KeyNote Asia’s Women Speakers

Don’t we all want to see and hear more women presenters on stage? KeyNote leaves us with no excuses for male dominated speaker line-ups and panels. I love this idea and hope to see more speaker bureaus around the world following this example. I’m also supporting by dedicating some of my volunteer time to speaker-coach women for TEDx.


Gender Equality by Design

On this page you will find a very short video that gives you some insights into the book by Iris Bohnet, Gender Equality by Design. The book itself details research on what interventions are most effective for achieving gender equality in organizations.


Ready to go: What to say about that Career Break

Although the audience for this post is women returning from a career break, it’s equally relevant for hiring managers and recruiters. What if you actively searched for career returnees because you believed they had something unique and valuable to offer?


World Economic Forum: 11 ways to outsmart your brain and be a better leader

This article includes lots of ideas for leaders to redesign meetings, decision making and time management. Many of the tips have the effect of reducing bias and including diverse perspectives for more effective work.


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